Scenic is pioneering genetic modifiers for drug discovery to build a pipeline of breakthrough products

The Challenge

The vast majority of diseases lack good treatments. This leaves millions of people, including young children, without hope for a normal, healthy life. To tackle this, there is a need for truly new, high quality drug targets to develop the next generation of therapeutics. Finding those elusive drug targets that will ultimately help these people is one of the biggest challenges of our time. At Scenic, we have embraced this challenge.

In a perfect world, new drugs would be developed from a universal understanding of all the genes that play a role in a particular disease. The genetics technology of Scenic now allows us to make such high resolution “disease maps”, so we can actually pick the best targets to make the best treatments.

The Scenic Approach – Modifier Maps

Scenic employs a revolutionary genetics approach that can unearth a totally new kind of drug target for a great variety of diseases. We call these drug targets “disease suppressors”. Our current focus is on rare genetic disorders and immuno-oncology.

Scenic’s Philosophy

We are committed to making a real difference to patients and their families, and are engaging the brightest people, and building a stimulating work-place with rigorous science at its heart.