Scenic is currently looking for Senior Scientists and a Bioinformatician

Senior Scientist who can manage a dedicated drug discovery project. Read more…

Senior Scientist with great project management skills. Read more…

Senior Scientist who can look beyond the scope of the field he /she has worked in. Read more…

Bioinformatician who can contribute to obtain meaningful biological insights using complex databases. Read more…

Working at Scenic means…

– A focus on research and deep dives in your projects;
Brainstorm sessions go with the best coffee you can imagine;
– Deliver results: not only individual but as a team;
No fixed working hours: not so eager to start at 8.30 am? Or up and running at 8 am? We trust that you will commit to your working hours;
– Always open to learn, expand your horizon and share your knowledge;
– We celebrate milestones with (a lot of) cake;
– Join the after-work-squash-team!

If one of these vacancies is the perfect next step in your career, please send your resumee and cover letter to attn. Carola Jongerius (HR Manager) or click on ‘Jump in’!

Our timeline of the recruitment process:
– We would like to receive your application before January 20, 2020
– As off January 21, 2020 we start with the interviews