Scenic is unlocking the ground-breaking science of genetic modifiers to develop breakthrough therapies - we call this approach - Evolution Inspired Medicine

At Scenic Biotech we are taking a closer look at the genetic landscape in health as well as disease so that we can unveil genetic modifiers that suppress faulty genes. We call this approach “Evolution Inspired Medicine.” We are at the forefront of identifying new drug targets to enable the development of disease modifying therapeutics that will offer hope for patients with devastating diseases including inherited rare diseases and cancer.

Genetic modifiers – a new field of drug discovery

To date, scientists have focused on identifying disease-causing mutations as targets for drug discovery, however the answer to eliminating many illnesses may lie in “healthy individuals” who carry a disease-causing gene. At Scenic Biotech we are therefore approaching drug discovery from a completely opposite viewpoint.
We are looking at genetic modifiers as disease targets for drug intervention. Also known as disease suppressors, genetic modifiers are genes that act to suppress or completely block the effect of a disease-causing mutated gene. This explains why some people with inherited genetic diseases have mild or no symptoms, whilst others – even family members – with the same mutation have a fully expressed disease.

Pioneering approach

Employing Cell-Seq, our powerful proprietary platform, we are identifying genetic modifiers and building the largest proprietary data warehouse of genetic modifiers based on functional data. This approach is giving us a unique vantage point to link suppressor targets to biological pathways. Read more


Our lead CD47/QPCTL immuno-oncology program is in late stage preclinical development and our most advanced rare disease program is focused on a novel genetic modifier of Niemann Pick disease. Learn more


We are led by an ambitious team with entrepreneurial thinking and a strong background in pioneering genomics research and innovating enabling genetic tools as well as financing and business development. Learn more


Our philosophy is to work in collaboration with others to maximise the use of our Cell-Seq platform for drug discovery as well as to partner therapeutic programs outside of our core areas, to accelerate their clinical development.